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Our authors are  the IT security experts who day by day create new hacking methods and share it with us to improve our hacking skills. Their knowledge helps us understand specific script and the way of implementing it to our own computers. We are honored to be working with these amazing people:

  • Vikas Kumar (ISHAN) - is one of the leading computer security experts available in India. VIKAS KUMAR born on 26 July 1990 in a town called Meerut, UP (India). VIKAS KUMAR started his Group “hackers4u” on Facebook in year 2010 and in two years he bangs the World Wide Web with good computer ethical hacking articles and going to launch the website on Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking and working with a Anti- Hacking Community “I-hackers4u”. The 22 year old guy have the capability to compete with the people best in the business so called” Ethical Hacking”. Workshops and Seminars: VIKAS KUMAR have trained more than 3000 people from all around the world, from countries like India, Dubai, Sudan, United Kingdom, Thailand, Nigeria, Shri Lanka, Kenya, Australia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Ghana, United States, South Africa, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Omen, Yemen, Indonesia, Korea, Iran and etc. www.cyber-hunt.com
  • Miroslav Ludvik - graduated at Czech Technical University in 1996. In 2005 he succesfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on Data Security in Comupter Networks and I was awarded Ph.D. degree. In 2000 he participated on securing the International Monetary Fund conference in Prague. He provides counseling to Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and Czech Data Protection Office. He provides also counseling for private sector and among my client are e.g. bank and prestigious legal fi ms. He teaching on prestige private Czech University and cooperate with University of Žilina. He holds an office of Technical Director in the 4safety, a.s company.
  • Radek Pilar - is currently studying at Czech Technical University, Prague and is employed as a storage consultant n the 4safety, a.s company.
  • Krunoslav Rukavina - is network and security specialist from Croatia. In 2008 he became engineer in IT technologies and specialized networking on Cisco Academy. He leads an IT department for one international company and on the side consults on Cisco technologies and network security.
  • Pragati Ogal Rai - has over 13 years of experience in mobile security, mobile operating systems, mobile payments, and mcommerce. From working as a platform security engineer with Motorola Mobility to designing and developing PayPal’s mobile offerings, she has extensive end-toend experience in all aspects of mobile technology. Pragati has dual masters in computer science and has taught and trained computer science students at different levels. She is a recognized speaker at international technology events. Pragati currently works as the Mobile Technology Evangelist with PayPal, eBay Inc.
  • Jon Zeolla - is an IT Security expert from Pittsburgh, PA (United States). He enjoys giving back to the community as an advisory board member for numerous schools that teach IT Security and Forensics. In his spare time, he leads an IT Security user group called the “Steel City Hackers,” is a member of numerous IT user groups, and actively reviews Security Benchmarks for the Center for Internet Security.
  • Guglielmo Scaiola - he works as an I.T. Pro since 1987, he is a freelance consultant, pentester and trainer. He works especially in banking environments. Over the years he have achieved several certifications, including: MCT, MCSA, MCSE, Security +, Lead Auditor ISO 27001, ITIL, eCPPT, CEI, CHFI, CEH and ECSA. In 2011 he was awarded the "Ec-Council Instructor - Circle of Excellence.”
  • Anil Pai - is currently a graduate student pursuing Masters in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, New York. He is also the student security analyst at ITS Security department of Syracuse University. He has over 3 years of industrial experience working as a security analyst at Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore. He has successfully completed more than 10 security assignments working from various locations in India. His current interest includes Web and Mobile Application Penetration Testing as well as Application Development. He has completed industry certifications in IBM AppScan and Microsoft 70-480: Programming in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Narayanan Subramaniam - is a Information Security Consultant/FOSS enthusiast who likes to work on Security Auditing, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Security management using FOSS tools
  • Eduardo Cuthbert González - he started in networking and security in 2004. Ever since he discovered the field of Security he have been passionate about it. Having always lived and worked in a medium size city in Spain, he decided to try and take my chances abroad. Knowing that in other countries I could develop and research, he left and found a job in Switzerland, where he is living and working currently. He have always worked in those two fields and he consider myself a committed and focused person, so researching and learning about new developments is something essential to me. That's why he have always looked for better ways of improving. Through the entire career he got several certifications, such as CCNP and CCSP. He is also a cycling enthusiast.
  • Ahmed Nabil - is an IT professional with more than 13 years of experience, specialized in IT infrastructure, security, system administration and IT management. My real passion is Networking and Security. I hold a BS, MS, MCITP, MCSE, CCNP, CWSP, CEH, CHFI, ITIL and PMP. You can follow me on my blog (http://itcalls.blogspot.com)
  • Nuno Taxeiro - has a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in ISEL (Superior Institute of Engineering of Lisbon). Nuno Taxeiro was born in 27 May 1983 in Lisbon, Portugal. Since earlier on his academic life, he focused in Data Networks related subjects, specially Security. His special interests reside in RADIUS, network monitoring (Nagios) and network intrusion detection (Snort).
  • Sheik Mohammad - is always looking for latest vulnerability, zero day expoits and share with others via his blog.
  • Marta Pardo Parra - is a freelancer IT Security consultant. Marta has a lot of certificates, i.a: C|CISO, ITIL,CISA,MCS Security:MCSA:MCSE;MCSD,MCAD,MCT,AIS.
  • Ahmad Saleh - is an experienced ethical hacker and IT professional. Have a look at his professional blog: http://ahmadsalahe.blogspot.com
  • Priyanka Tomar - is a founder of New Era System Pvt Ltd having around 12 years of experience which includes research in the area of cyber security. She holds Masters of Computer Applications degree along with a Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking.
  • Matthew Clapham - has worked in a variety of security roles from software testing, policy, change management, metrics, to application design review. Look for him on LinkedIn. His opinions and work on the article written for Hack Isnight are entirely his own and not that of any employer past, present, or future. His advice here is worth the price paid for it. Matthew lives in the middle United States.
  • Sameh Sabry - is an experienced Security Consultant. He started his career at the age of 14 during his tenure with IBM, multinational firms, banks while as well recently going back to the security service providers. His main specialties include security design, penetration tests, security compliance and advanced networking. Sameh has been also one of the early open source pioneers in the whole region. He has also completed OSCP, L|PT, C|HFI, C|EH, SANS PCI/DSS, Security+,Linux+, RHCE, LPI, CCNA amongst many.
  • Girish Kumar - has more than 8 years of information security experience. CEH, ECSA certified
  • Rahul Jamgade - is an Independent Security Consultant and Trainer. He is an expert in administrative aspects of organizational Security, Legal Perspective of Cyber crime, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics. He has 15+ years of Industry experience in the field of Networks and Systems area.
  • Francisco Caballero - is a Security & Forensic Analyst at S21sec (Spain), he has a Master of Science in Digital Investigation and Forensic Computing from University College Dublin (UCD). He has previously worked as Technical Director in S21sec Mexico and International Support Manager in S21sec Argentine. Francisco Caballero is also a founder of White Hack Conferences, and also he has wide experience as a computer security presenter in many computer security conferences in Mexico and Spain. His research interests span the areas of forensic computing, cybercrime investigations, web app security and pentesting. He has written many papers on pentesting and forensic and usually works as a security researcher. Recently he has been participating in the first exercise of cyberdefense in Spain and the first cyber escalation Table Top (TTX) exercise with the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI).
  • Renato Augusto - is a Security Manager at Banco Bradesco. Twenty years of professional experience, being more than twelve years managing and coordinating infrastructure security technical teams and analyze projects in security.Focus on strategic security management and project implementations to bring better results and security for competitive advantage and profit in the organization.

  • Shritam Bhowmick - is Web Application Penetration Tester, Web Application PT Researcher and Malware Researcher. He performs application security research, co-ordinate technical operations for Defencely Red Team Labs. He assists in quality based penetration test report management, carry out application security research for Defencely R&D Team, upscale and test application for statistical report generation.
  • Monnappa KA - is based out of Bangalore, India. He works with Cisco Systems as Information Security Investigator focusing on threat intelligence and investigation of advanced cyber attacks. His fields of interest include malware analysis,reverse engineering, memory forensics and threat intelligence.He is an active speaker in the Bangalore cyber security community meetings and has presented on various topics which include "Memory Forensics", "Advanced Malware Analysis", "Rootkit Analysis", and "Sandbox Analysis". He has authored various articles related to "Malware Analysis" and "Memory Forensics".
  • Josh Berry - Information security veteran holding a CISSP and GCIA Gold certification with experience on both the defensive and offensive sides of security. Author of the SQLiPy and Bypass WAF Burp plugins and developer for numerous other security tools such as gophish and dirscalate. Code can be found on https://github.com/codewatchorg.​
  • Joseph Muniz - is a consultant at Cisco Systems and security researcher. Joseph started his career in software development and later managed networks as a contracted technical resource. He moved into consulting and found a passion for security while meeting with a variety of customers. Joseph has been involved with the design and implementation of multiple projects ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to large federal networks. He is the author and contributor of several books as well as has spoken for popular security conferences such as RSA Europe, ISC2 and DEF CON. Joseph’s current role gives him visibility into the latest trends in cyber security both from leading vendors and customers. You may find out more information and hacking tutorials on Joseph's blog: http://www.thesecurityblogger.com/tag/joseph-muniz/
  • Shritam Bhowmick - is an application penetration tester professionally equipped with traditional as well as professional application penetration test experience adding value to Defencely Inc. Red Team and currently holds Technical Expertise at application threat reporting and coordination for Defencely Inc.’s global clients. At his belt of accomplishments, he has experience in identifying critical application vulnerabilities and add value to Defencely Inc. with his research work. The R&D sector towards application security is growing green at Defencely and is taken care by him. Professionally, he have had experiences with several other companies working on critical application security vulnerability assessments and penetration test security engagements, leading the Red Team and also holds experience training curious students at his leisure time. He also does independent application security consultancy. 
    Out of professional expertise at Application Security, Shritam Bhowmick utilizes his knowledge for constructive Red Teaming Penetration Testing Engagements for Indian Top Notch Clients and has a proven record for his excellence in the field of IT Security. A Google search with his name would suffice the eye. Shritam Bhowmick has been delivering numerous research papers which are mostly application security centric and loves to go beyond in the details. This approach has taken him into innovating stuff rather than re-inventing the wheel for others to harness old security concepts. In his spare time, which is barely a little; he blogs, brain-storms on web security concepts and prefers to stay away from the normal living. Apart from his professional living, he finds bliss in reading books, playing chess, philanthropy, and basket-ball for the sweat. He wildly loves watching horror movies for the thrill and exploring new places for seeking new people alike.​ 
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