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Few month ago, while drinking my Coffee at one of these famous (that will be nameless) public free hotspot Café’s, I made a quick search/survey for the nearby access points and I was really astounded that the number of WEP Wireless enabled networks was almost 50% of the nearby networks including the Café itself (some others were open), I repeated the same process on different intervals on different locations and I picked up at least 2 WEP networks on my monitoring software. If you tried to search or investigate for WEP attacks or how to crack WEP keys on the internet using your favorite search engine you will find hundreds of results and recommendations to avoid WEP, however WEP is still widely used, so what’s hindering the adoption of more secure and safer encryption? I believe this is due to the lack of awareness to the normal end users (Security Professionals share the blame for this) or the usage of very old piece of hardware supporting only WEP.

Enjoy the hacking!

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