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This version of the Testing Guide integrates with the two other flagship OWASP documentation products: the Developers Guide and the Code Review Guide. To achieve this we aligned the testing categories and test numbering with those in other OWASP products. The aim of the Testing and Code Review Guides is to evaluate the security controls described by the Developers Guide.


Creating a guide like this is a huge undertaking, requiring the expertise of hundreds of people around the world. There are many different ways to test for security flaws and this guide captures the consensus of the leading experts on how to perform this testing quickly, accurately, and efficiently. OWASP gives like minded security folks the ability to work together and form a leading practice approach to a security problem.


1. Frontispiece
2. Introduction
3. The OWASP Testing Framework
4. Web Application Security Testing
5. Reporting

You may read full table of content on the official OWASP website.

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