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This book was originally written for the first version of Kali and was ready to be released last month. But as the new Kali 2.0 was released I held the book back and completely updated the entire book from beginning to end to cover the new OS and any tool changes.

This publication is available for free prepared by Dan W. Dieterle just for Hack Insight readers!

So in essence as it took about a year and a half to write this book, all the information in it has been updated as of this month! If you are still using the original Kali, not a problem the tools work the same in both versions, though I do recommend updating to the new Kali 2.0 as it has a much better interface and menu system. If you are still using Backtrack, please update to Kali 2 you will thank yourself!


Page 3: The Internet of Things
Online enabled devices or the “Internet of Things” as it is now being called is all the rage. Take that fancy hardware gizmo, add an embedded web server and you can view and control it from anywhere in the world – What a great idea! But sadly with the mad rush to make things more user friendly and convenient, security is being put aside, even in devices that are being used to protect important facilities.

Page 4: Basic Security Test
To test the video system, I first ran a standard nmap probe against the device and found that it had several open ports. A couple regular ports and several high level ports were open. This made sense as it would need some open ports to be able to be monitored and configured over the web.

Page 8: Mass Exploiting the IoT Device
Instead of this just being a single test device. What if our target was a large corporation and used multiple devices like this. How could we find and access all of them? Let’s try the telnet login scanner that is built in to Metasploit. The Telnet Login scanner allows you to put in a username password combo, or use username/ password file lists and scan a network range looking for successful Telnet logins.

Page 9: The End Game
With just a quick security test we saw that this out of the box building security device was not very secure at all. As I have mentioned several times, if this device was placed outside the corporate firewall as it was intended to be, it would have been an easy target for hackers.

Cover Design: Jim Steele from Cyex Design Studios.

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