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There are some excellent tools and techniques available to pentesters trying to convert their local admin rights into domain admin rights. This magazine edition seeks to provide a reminder of some of the most common and useful techniques as well as rating their effectiveness to suggest which ones to try first. Moreover you will find out useful tools that might be helpful on your way of getting domain admin rights in active directory.

A “Domain Admins” is is the security group for users who have administrator rights on every machine that is a member of the domain. A domain is like a workgroup of computers that are under control of the local Active Directory Server. If you’re not in the domain you don’t have access to much. We’re going to change that, by gaining this level of access.

This issue consists of:

• Malware Injection (Spear-Phish, Web Exploits, etc) 
• Reconnaissance (Internal)
• Credential Theft Exploitation & Privilege Escalation
• Data Access & Exfiltration
• Persistence (retaining access)


Page 5: Spear-Phishing and Web Exploits
- Defending Against Spear Phishing, RAT Deployment and Email Tracking
- Phishing Email Generation Tool: SpearPhisher
- Phishing Framework: Cartero

Page 39: Attack Techniques to go from Domain User to Domain Admin
Why Passwords in Group Policy Preference are VERY BAD
Credential Theft and How to Secure Credentials

Page 49: The guide to Mimikatz
​- Loading Mimikatz
- Reading Hashes and Passwords From Memory
- Other modules

Page 64: Android linux kernel privilege escalation vulnerability and exploit
- Bug hunting
- Getting to know QSEECOM
- Setting Memory Parameters
- Finding the kernel's shared buffer
- Creating a controlled write primitive
- Exploiting the write primitive

​Page 82: Retaining access: PowerShell Runspace Post Exploitation Toolkit: p0wnedShell
- How to Compile it
- How to use it

Special thanks to Jim Steele, design genius, who always creates Hack Insight cover arts.

Enjoy the hacking!
Hack Insight Team

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