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After a long time of preparation we can proudly present you the first Hack Insight issue. We decided to start it with Hacking Passwords because it is the base and first step for every IT security expert who's developing his hacking skills. 

Two articles have been prepared by Mr. Vikas Kumar who is an experienced ethical hacker. He described in details how to use Wireshark, Nicto and W3af. His research will help us to understand how to sniff the network traffic and use the most known network's protocol analyzer - Wireshark. The second article concerns hacking methods. Mr.Kumar presented how is the keylogger working and how to create your own phishing page. You should definitely check this section out and think of the danger during daily computer usage. Third article written by Mr. Miroslav Ludvik and Mr. Radek Pilar refers to Content Adressed Storage. In this issue we will be able to see an introduction to secure data archiving. In the second issue, as Miroslav promised, he will present the content about first vendor technology - you definitely cannot miss this article. 

This first publication wouldn't be possible without our magazine's friends who spent a lot of their working time to take care of this issue. Special thanks for Ms. Sheryl Checkman, Mr. Timothy Coleman and Mr. Ty Donaldson. We are grateful that thanks to your professional advice, attention to the grammatical correctness and creation of the creative cover and essential images we can now read this magazine. 

Enjoy the Hacking. 
Hack Insight Team

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