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Dear Readers,​

It feels really good to bring you the new issue again!:) This time we are going to explore the latest version of well-known Penetration Testing Distribution – BackTrack 5 R3. It’s a really must-have for every IT professional and enthusiast so we decided to guide you through its tools and show you some great ways to use it.

In the first article written by Mr. Sciaola you can seek for vulnerabilities and destroy the danger using BackTrack and Nessus. From the article of Mr. Kumar you will learn how to hack remote Windows or Linux PC using Java 7 Applet. Lots of figures and shellcodes will help you implement presented tricks on your own computer.“Understanding Nmap” written by Mr. Subramaniam provides you with valuable information concerning usage of basic Nmap commands e.g. Scanning with service detection, Scanning on a range of ports and Ping Scanning. For the break we recommend you the text of Mr. González who considers whether the BackTrack 5 R3 is just a “Box” or the “Bomb”. The article is intelligible and entertaining, you shouldn’t miss it. Mr. Jon Zeolla continues the topic from our last issue in the second iteration of the “Wireless World”. He shows how an attacker may compromise a WPA2-Enterprise client, which is often considered the most critical security control element for corporate wireless deployments. 

Remaining in the topic of wireless security we also published the article of Mr. Nabil who describes cracking WEP wireless networks using BackTrack. A very similar subject but with the other point of view is presented in the article written by Mr. Taxeiro. After reading both of them you will definitely have a complete picture and broader view for this issue. Have you ever been using Dropbox API on your Android device? If you have, you should definitely scroll down and check out the article on this topic written by Mr. Pai. This extraordinary article ends this publication. We hope that the content will meet your expectations and encourage you to further exploring all the most interesting IT Security issues with Hack Insight.

We want to thank our authors, beta-testers and proofreaders who put a huge effort to make this publication valuable and worth reading. Special and big THANK YOU to our dear friend and contributor – Mr. Jim Steele whose talent for graphic design helps Hack Insight shine among other publications devoted to IT security. 

Enjoy the hacking! 
Hack Insight Team

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