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Dear Readers,

This publication is prepared for IT Security Geeks and professional hackers and pentesters who want to improve technical skills. Let's have a look what's inside: 

I. Penetration Testing of an FTP Service - with real life examples. 

II. Hacking SAP Enterprise Portal - written by Director of SAP Pentesting Department. 

III. So You Want to Be a Product Security Expert - find out if you’re ready to shift to a proactive role in making technology products & services more secure. 

IV. How to use Maltego in Kali Linux - Maltego allows you to enumerate network and domain information: this article shows us it's possibilities on a popular website: www.mcdonalds.com 

V. Different Ways of Bypassing Antiviruses - About Hexing: one of the most secure, most difficult and rare technique used by some hackers to make their files FUD, and it works like a charm. 

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1. Cyber Hunt: cyber-hunt.com 
2. Zeronights Conference: 2013.zeronights.org 
3. Cyex Design: cyexdesign.com

Enjoy the hacking!
Hack Insight Team

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