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Dear Readers,

This publication is devoted to Burp Suite because only Burp gives you a full control, letting you combine advanced manual techniques with state-of-the-art automation, to make your work faster, more effective, and more fun :)

The second article prepared by Mr. Nuno Taxeiro is well-written technical guide of securing your Lan. Author is talking about many important topics, i.e.: Switches and Routers, VLANS: Importance of native vlan, NEtwork security attacks, CAM table overflow attack, PROTECTING A SWITCH and much more. As always you will find in the article a lot of shell code that could be implement on your own computer.

The third article is a Sniffing Guide. Mr. Jamgade is writing about attacking into the system. You will read about: worms, viruses, backdoors and trojans - these attacks are largely successful because the individual user may be ignorant or not properly protected and may open an infected email attachment, visit infected website or by the way of drive by download. But we will go a level up into Sniffing, MITM and Session Hijacking attacks which use vulnerabilities observed on the physical and logical network.

Next we will be introduced to Nikto. The article will show us how to: set up a Lab, perform a basic scan using Nikto, use various options with Nikto and scan using Nikto With Nmap. 
At the end we will show you how to use Web Application Security Scanner Framework: Arachni-Web in Kali Linux.

Enjoy the hacking!
Hack Insight Team

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