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Web application security is a branch of Information Security that deals specifically with security of websites, web applications and web services. We would like to show you the technical side of this area of expertise. We are sure that after reading this issue you will improve your skills and find out a lot of security methods. 

The whole issue concerns of 7 articles:

• How to Estimate Development Security Maturity
• Paros Proxy
• uPrint.. iHack..
• Web App Security - Basic Understanding
• XSS - A powerful way of exploiting Web based Applications
• Web App Pentesting Methodology
• Next-generation SOC environments monitoring

You will have a chance to read about 5 of the most relevant terms concerning application security:

A resource of value such as the data in a database or on the file system, or a system resource.
A negative effect.
A weakness that makes a threat possible.
Attack . 
An action taken to harm an asset.
A safeguard that addresses a threat and mitigates risk. 

Enjoy the hacking!
Hack Insight Team

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